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Welcome to the Amputation Care Special Interest Group!

The goal of this is Special Interest Group is to acquire and share information and resources and promote collaboration among those PT/PTA Clinicians, Educators, Researchers, and Graduate Students who care for those with limb loss. You can get involved by attending (yearly, quarterly, etc.) meetings, continuing educational courses, and sharing your experiences and expertise. Your feedback, involvement and participation are welcomed.

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Member Benefits

  • Members receive email invitations to the Extremity Trauma and Amputation Center of Excellence / VA Amputation System of Care Grand Rounds and the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes monthly live sessions. These offerings provide cutting edge education for amputation care providers
  • Members are added to the members-only listserv where providers collaborate, share expertise, and discuss upcoming educational offerings.

Members are added to the members-only listserv where providers collaborate, share expertise, and discuss upcoming educational offerings.

Misson Statement

The mission of the Amputation Care Special Interest Group is to provide members of the Federal Physical Therapy and other Sections the opportunity to network and improve the quality of care provided to patients living with amputation(s).

Vision Statement

It is the overall goal of the Amputation Care Special Interest Group to have a positive impact on the care and treatment of patients with amputation. There are 500 amputations per day in the United States. The number will continue to grow as the US population ages. Rehabilitation with these patients occurs in many settings and we, as specialists, have the responsibility to establish a solid foundation for their recovery and return to individually optimized function. As professionals our skills must keep pace with the evolution of surgical techniques and prosthetic technology.

Student Amputation Focus Group:

The purpose of the Student Amputation Focus Group is to provide educational, clinical and service opportunities to student members interested in amputation care. The group consists of students with an interest in pursuing a career working with the limb loss community. Our goal is to provide students with a passion for the limb loss community the proper resources to be successful in their professional careers.


SIG Leadership:

Student Focus Group:

Chair: Christine Rodriguez, SPT

Upcoming Events

APTA CSM 2022 On-Demand Content available through March 11.  

FD-11058 Amputation Care Yearly Research Evidence Update

FD-11026 Osseointegration (OI) Rehabilitation Updates and Lessons Learned from the Department of Defense Osseointegration Program

FD-11056 Ultralight Manual Wheelchairs Resna Position Update 2021: Current Evidence & Recommendations

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